Core Course Outlines

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English Language Arts

Grade 9
Major Assignments:  Out of class essays in the major units, works-based  and Latin and Greek word parts vocabulary study, unit tests, speeches.
Field Trips: Possible Field trips to the Green McAdoo Center in Clinton or the Clarence Brown Theater at UT.
Freshman English Pacing Guide (CP and Workshop)
Freshman Honors Pacing Guide

Grade 10

Combined Studies
Major Assignments include: out-of-class essays in the major units, sonnet portfolio, works-based vocabulary study, unit tests, comprehensive final exams. No field trips.
Combined Studies Sophomore English Syllabus
Sophomore English Syllabus (CP)
Sophomore English Syllabus (Workshop)

Grade 11

English 3
English 3 Pacing Guide
Junior AP Literature
Major Assignments include: Major Author (4 novels read out of class, novel note cards, 4 in-class essays, essay conferences, synthesis essay, extended individual presentations), out-of-class essays in the major units, unit test, comprehensive final exam. No field trips.
Junior AP Literature Syllabus
Junior CP English
Major Assignments include: in each grading period, students will be assessed on quizzes, unit tests, a major writing assignment, and/or a project. Students are responsible for the summer reading assignment in term one. Students will be required to write a major research paper in term 4. We are considering a field trip to Clarence Brown Theater to view a play in term 3. Details to be determined.
Junior CP English Pacing Guide

Grade 12

English 4
Major assignments include: summer reading project, graduation speech, unsolved mystery research presentation, Beowulf project, Frankenstein project, Macbeth ambition research project, senior memory book; unit tests: Anglo-Saxon, Macbeth, Frankenstein; essays: character analysis essay; synthesis essay; research essay. No field trips.
English 4 Pacing Guide
Senior AP Literature
Major Assignments include: LPG–two in-class essays, two major works from a specific literary period, an original dramatic work incorporating the two major works performed in class as the culminating event; LPJ–a research diary composed of historical research for the same time period as the LPG utilizing MLA format; Heart of Darkness critical theory research, The Power and the Glory motif tracking poster, out-of-class essays in the major units, unit test, comprehensive final exam. No field trips.
Senior AP Literature Pacing Guide


Anatomy and Physiology

Anatomy and Physiology Pacing Guide
Major Assignments: pathology reports (4), cat dissection, history of anatomy paper.
Field trips: none.

AP Environmental Science

AP Environmental Science Pacing Guide
Major Assignments: eco-column lab; grass decomposition lab; soil design of experiment;  National Park research project; College Board AP exam 5/1/17.
Field Trips: Frozen Head State Park; April 20, 2017


Astronomy Pacing Guide
Major Assignments: planet tourism project, independent research project/presentation, final exam.
Field trips: none.


Biology Pacing Guide
AP Biology
AP Biology Syllabus
CP Biology
CP Biology Syllabus
Major Assignments: Unit exams, dissections, Problem-based learning projects (PBLs.)
Field trips: none.


Honors Chemistry
Grade Level: 9-12

Honors Chemistry Pacing Guide
Major Assignments: Each unit will have a test that assesses multiple targets. The test average will make up 50% of the student’s grade.


Honors Genetics I
Grade Level: 11-12

Honors Genetics I Syllabus
Major Assignments: Unit exams, research paper


Geology Pacing Guide
Major Assignments: Final Exam; field trip in late March.


AP Physics 1 and 2
Grade Level: 11-12

AP Physics 1 and 2 Syllabus
Major Assignments: Clock Radio Lab, Post-AP Exam Project Based Learning, AP Exams
Field Trips: UT Engineering Day in October

AP Physics C Mechanics and Electromagnetism
Grade Level: 11-12

AP Physics C Syllabus
Major Assignments: Rocket Lab, Post-AP Exam Project Based Learning, AP Exams
Field Trips: UT Engineering Day in October

General Physics
Grade Level: 11-12

General Physics Syllabus
Major Assignments: Midterm Exam- week of 12/12-12/16; Final Exam- Week of 6/4-6/6.

STEM Algebra
STEM Algebra Pacing Guide

Social Studies


CP Economics
11th – 12th grade

Major Assignments: Business Project
CP Economics Syllabus

European History

AP European History
Grade Level: 12

Major Assignments: Enrichment projects (student-directed, options listed in syllabus include book reviews, class presentations, quarterly cultural role-playing events), AP-style written unit examinations, regular and sometimes self-directed college-level reading and research (textbook, primary, and secondary historical sources)
AP European History Syllabus


Government Syllabus


Major Assignments: 2nd term book presentation, 3rd term experiment design, 4th term psychology fair booth.
Field trips: none.
AP Psychology Reading Schedule
Psychology Pacing Guide


Sociology Pacing Guide

US History

AP US History
AP US History Syllabus
US History Pacing Guide

World Geography

World Geography Pacing Guide
World Geography Syllabus

World History

Name of Course: Combined Studies AP World History
Grade Level: 10

Major Assignments: Analytical history notebook (ongoing skills and content labs throughout the year), Oak Ridge Cold War PBL

World History and Geography

World History and Geography Syllabus