About Access Oak Ridge

Access Oak Ridge is a 1:1 digital learning initiative that seeks to put a device in the hands of every Oak Ridge student.

Why Go Digital?

Digital literacy has become increasingly essential in preparing students for college and career readiness in today’s world. The realities of the 21st century include widespread technology integration in both higher education and the workplace. For this reason, our students must be prepared to compete in this rapidly-changing global economy that requires numerous new skills.

To address these new realities and to continue a tradition of academic excellence, ORS leadership has made a commitment to leading the charge for 21st century learning. Access Oak Ridge will head this motion by enabling ORS to incorporate cutting-edge technology in and out the classroom. This form of digital adoption will be critical to keeping and attracting families and top educators to ORS.

Additionally, a wealth of studies show that digital 1:1 initiatives lead to substantial and measurable benefits for both students and staff. ORS leadership has long-emphasized the integration of technology in the classroom and made significant progress to this end, particularly over the past several years. Now, in order to fully realize the benefits of digital adoption, we are rolling out our digital 1:1 initiative to put technology in the hands of every student. This investment will enrich the growth of ORS students and staff and allow them to further embrace digital learning, leveraging new technologies both in and out of the classroom.

We believe that Access Oak Ridge will help ensure that every student receives a high-quality, 21st century education.

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