Each year, the Tennessee Department of Education releases a State Report Card for pre-K-12 education. Results show how Oak Ridge Schools have improved, and how we compare to other districts in the State of Tennessee. The Report Card site employs the following features:

  • A Profile page that includes student demographics as well as value-added composites, student achievement on state assessments, graduation rate and ACT.
  • A Comparisons tab that allows the user to create a comparison between the state, schools and districts on the following measures – Achievement, Graduation Rate, ACT Scores, Student Enrollment and Ethnicity, Per Pupil Funding, and Value-Added Composite Scores.
  • A College and Career Readiness tab that includes data on graduation rates, ACT scores, ACT college readiness benchmarks and students meeting the HOPE Scholarship Eligibility on ACT.
  • NAEP Data
  • Detailed Achievement and Accountability Data Files
  • School Accountability Results

State Report Card