Our Digital Vision

Empower all Oak Ridge students with equitable access to digital learning opportunities; to innovate, design, collaborate, and ultimately succeed in local and global communities of the future.

Our Beliefs

  • Learning should be student-centered; students should be given a voice and a choice.
  • Students should be challenged with learning opportunities that sustain inquiry.
  • Students should be creative, critical thinkers, problem solvers, and communicative collaborators.
  • Teachers should set the stage for students to be engaged in real-world problem solving.
  • As physical education energizes bodies, a digital education energizes minds ready for the future.
  • The future of education and business exists in a digital world.
  • Students are being prepared for jobs that currently do not exist.
  • Technology enables students to explore content with greater depth and breadth.
  • The use of technology should allow for new learning tasks that were previously inconceivable.
  • Providing digital tools for our students levels the playing field and offers them opportunities to access a wealth of global information that is not locally accessible.

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