Executive Directors

Executive Director of Human Resources
Matthew Bradburn
E-mail: mbbradburn@ortn.edu

Human Resources Specialist
Tamara Jones
E-mail: tljones@ortn.edu
Telephone: 865-425-9008
Fax: 865-425-9023

Executive Director of School Leadership
Bruce Lay
E-mail: blay@ortn.edu

Executive Assistant

Mandy Roe
E-mail: amroe@ortn.edu
Telephone: 865-425-9002
Fax: 865-425-9070

Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
Dr. Kelly Williams
E-mail: kmwilliams@ortn.edu

Executive Assistant
Elizabeth McFall
E-mail: emcfall@ortn.edu
Telephone: 865-425-9013
Fax: 865-425-9056


Finance Director
Jenifer Van Dyke
E-mail: jhvandyke@ortn.edu
Telephone: 865-425-9048

Director of Pupil Services
Dr. Larrissa Henderson
E-mail: lhenderson@ortn.edu

Krystal Hawkins
Email: khawkins@ortn.edu
Telephone: 865-425-9009
Fax: 865-425-9061

Director of Technology
Doug Cofer
E-mail: dcofer@ortn.edu

Susan Dundore
E-mail: swdundore@ortn.edu
Telephone: 865-425-9015


Supervisor of Career Readiness and Communications
Dr. Holly Cross
E-mail: hcross@ortn.edu
Telephone: 865-425-9557

Tammy Souza
E-mail: trsouza@ortn.edu
Telephone: 865-425-9608

Supervisor of Data Services
Jeff Edmonds
E-mail: jedmonds@ortn.edu
Telephone: 865-425-9015

Supervisor of Food Services
Jennifer Taylor
E-mail: jltaylor@ortn.edu
Telephone: 865-425-9052


Telephone: 865-425-9006

Director of Maintenance and Operations
Allen Thacker
E-mail: rthacker@ortn.edu

Kim Farmer
Email: kfarmer@ortn.edu
Telephone: 865-425-3171
Fax: 865-425-3188

Supervisor of Special Education
Mr. John Stults
E-mail: jcstults@ortn.edu

Ann Moore
E-mail: amoore@ortn.edu
Telephone: 865-425-9027
Fax: 865-425-9061

Supervisor of Transportation and Safety
Isaac Walton
Email: iawalton@ortn.edu


Telephone: 865-425-3192