K-4th Grade

Kindergarten Program
Full-day kindergartens staffed by licensed teachers and half-time teacher assistants are available in all elementary schools. The kindergarten program emphasizes the learning of developmental skills that are prerequisites for a more formalized instructional program beginning in the first grade. Examples of prerequisite skills include letter identification, counting, colors, listening skills, safety, nutrition, community helpers, singing, painting, etc.

In addition to prerequisite skills taught by classroom teachers, kindergarten students receive instruction from licensed special teachers of art, music, physical education and library. Kindergarten students also receive beginning computer literacy training.

Transition Class
A transition class is provided for selected students who have completed kindergarten, but who need additional time and special instruction to help them reach the maturity level needed for the first grade.

Grades 1 – 4
In grades 1 – 4, children receive formal instruction in language arts, mathematics, social studies, science, health and drug prevention education. All students receive weekly instruction in art, physical education, library, technology, and general music. At the fourth grade level, students may elect to take orchestra.

Elementary Students with Special Needs
Elementary students in grades K – 4 who have special problems that may interfere with learning are provided programs and services commensurate with their needs.