Name Position Department Phone Number
Ms. Lauren Blair PLC Coordinator Teaching & Learning 425-9034
Dr. Bruce Borchers Superintendent School Administration 425-9001
Ms. Madison Branham School Nurse Coordinator Pupil Services 425-9031
Mr. Matthew Bradburn Executive Director Human Resources 425-9008
Mr. Doug Cofer Director Information Technology 425-9036
Ms. Shelly Coggins Payroll Specialist Business Services 425-9045
Ms. Jennifer Conner Data Technician Information Technology 425-9015
Dr. Holly Cross Supervisor Supervisor of College, Career, Technical Education 425-9557
Mr. John Cruse Inventory Specialist and Courier Business Services 425-9049
Ms. Jaqkee deBeauclair Business Specialist Business Services 425-9092
Ms. Susan Dundore Administrative Assistant Information Technology 425-9015
Ms. Cathy Dunning Human Resources Coordinator Human Resources 425-9022
Mr. Jeff Edmonds Supervisor of Data Services Information Technology 425-9015
Ms. Kim Farmer Assistant Supervisor Maintenance & Custodial Services 425-3171
Mr. Travis Ferguson Systems Engineer Information Technology 425-9015
Ms. Becky Fritts Payroll Specialist Business Services 425-9050
Dr. Jami Garner Math Coordinator Teaching & Learning 425-9054
Ms. Molly Gallagher Smith Communications Specialist Communications 425-9014
Ms. Kim Goldsborough Occupational Therapist Special Education 425-9033
Ms. Natasha Hamm Assistant Director Extended Childcare (ECC) 425-9007
Ms. Hannah Hansen Administrative Assistant Information Technology 425-9036
Ms. Krystal Hawkins Secretary Pupil Services 425-9026
Dr. Larrissa Henderson Director Pupil Services 425-9026
Ms. Candy Jett District Accountant Business Services 425-9051
Mr. Tony Jolly Data & Assessment Coordinator Teaching & Learning 425-9043
Ms. Gayle Jones Data & Reporting Specialist Business Services 425-9046
Ms. Tamara Jones HR Specialist Human Resources 425-9008
Ms. Melanie Kosko Literacy Coordinator Teaching & Learning 425-9013
Mr. Michael Laurendine Buildings & Grounds Foreman Maintenance & Custodial Services 425-3171
Mr. Bruce Lay Executive Director School Leadership 425-9002
Ms. Sierra May Administrative Assistant Teaching & Learning 425-9008
Ms. Kelly McGee Physical Therapy Assistant Special Education 425-9033
Ms. Lissie Meza-Beehan Translator & Secretary Pupil Services 425-9030
Ms. Ann Moore Secretary Special Education 425-9027
Ms. Melissa Nies Senior Executive Assistant Superintendent’s Office 425-9002
Ms. Callie Painter Student Success Coordinator Teaching & Learning 425-9053
Ms. Dana Paoluuci Business Services Coordinator Business Services 425-9141
Ms. Amy Perry Psychologist<