Employment With Oak Ridge Schools

Welcome to Oak Ridge Schools. This section is designed to provide information about staff positions available in our district. We are really excited to share the new recruiting video on this page. Please take a moment to watch it and learn about our shared vision to prepare every student for college, career, and life success.

Oak Ridge Schools serves over 4,400 students and employs nearly 800 staff members. The district emphasizes educational equity and promotes affirmative action and equal employment opportunity. The district’s policies prohibit unlawful discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, religion, national origin, marital status, veteran status or disability. If you want to know more about Oak Ridge and our rich history, please enjoy additional videos on this page. Those who need an accommodation in order to participate in the selection process should make this request in advance.


How to Apply

Thank you for your interest in Oak Ridge Schools. In order to be considered for employment with Oak Ridge Schools, first determine available positions and complete our online application. You must also answer the background questions in order for your application to receive consideration. Click on the Jobs Tab at the top of the application to view and apply for current open positions.

District Plan for Hiring ESL Teachers

Federal guidelines require that districts have a plan for assessing and documenting all ESL teachers’ proficiency in English. Districts must document English proficiency in all four domains of communication: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

In Oak Ridge, potential ESL teachers’ listening and speaking are assessed during the interview process. Reading is documented though the successful completion of an ESL endorsement. Writing is assessed through online questions that are part of the application process.

Executive Director of Human Resources
Matthew Bradburn
Email: mbbradburn@ortn.edu

HR Coordinator
Cathy Dunning
Email: cddunning@ortn.edu

Benefits Coordinator
Rebecca Medovich
Email: rdmedovich@ortn.edu

HR Specialist
Tamara Jones
Email: tljones@ortn.edu

Address: 304 New York Avenue Oak Ridge, TN 37830
Telephone: 865-425-9008
Fax: 865-425-9023