Superintendent’s Welcome

Dear Oak Ridge Parents and Patrons:

A community is known by the schools it keeps. Oak Ridge Schools has a solid reputation for excellence, and our students are renowned for their achievements. The district’s preschool (serving 216 students ages 3-4), four elementary schools (serving 1,694 students), two middle schools (serving 1,337 students), and one high school (serving 1,480 students) and supporting programs collectively make up one of the highest performing school districts in the State of Tennessee.

In an era of great global change, we face the challenge of preparing students for an unknown and uncertain future. Today’s kindergarten students may pursue careers that have yet to be imagined. This is also a time of great economic challenges, both for our schools and our families. There are no easy answers. I do know that if we commit to excellence, our children and young people will respond in kind.

In Oak Ridge, we have 238 support staff and 411 licensed staff (649 employees) that work hard each day to make a difference for our students and their education. Our commitment to Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) guides teachers to share best practices, review data and discuss strategies to help students learn better. In the end, student learning depends first, last and always on the quality of teachers, administrators, and support staff in our schools. Times are tough, which means we will need to squeeze every penny out of every dollar and every minute of every hour. While the current economic conditions make this difficult, our children deserve no less than our very best.

As educators, we hold the future of our community in trust for the next generation. Involved parents and patrons are vital to the success of our students, and I am proud to be a part of a school community where education is valued. I appreciate your support as we continue to secure a bright future for the children and community we serve.

Bruce Borchers, Ph.D.

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Superintendent’s Bio

BruceBorchersDr. Bruce Borchers started his education career as an elementary physical education teacher in the Sioux City, Iowa, Community School District. He also has worked as an interim assistant principal and guidance counselor in Iowa City, Iowa, as assistant principal and principal in Mankato, Minnesota, and as associate superintendent of secondary schools for the Anoka-Hennepin, Minnesota, School District. Prior to joining the Oak Ridge Schools, Dr. Borchers was the Superintendent of the Rockwood School District from 2010 to 2013.

Dr. Borchers earned a Ph.D. from the University of Minnesota, master’s degrees from Wayne State College and the University of South Dakota, and a bachelor’s degree from Morningside College.