In 2015, The Access Oak Ridge kick-off pilot phase took place in November for 6th grade at Jefferson Middle School and 7th grade at Robertsville Middle School. A full middle school roll-out occurred on January 4th , 2016. Here was the process.

  • Students reported to homerooms where parent and student learned about device care, use, and expectations.
  • Parents were required to bring a current ID to verify guardianship.
  • Each student received a laptop, charger and sleeve.
  • Teacher, parent, and student practiced using the device.
  • Each family received information about insurance, internet safety, and all student account access information.
  • No fees were collected in association with the laptop distribution.

Oak Ridge High School 9th and 10th grade students received their devices in October, 2016.

Their procedures were similar. We had the pleasure of capturing the process in a video.

AccessOR Presentation for Families

Click here to view the device distribution presentation for families.