A School Support Organization (SSO) is a parent-teacher association, parent-teacher organization, booster club, alumni group, etc. whose primary purpose is supporting the school district, an individual school, a group of schools, a school club or any of a schools’ academic, athletic, arts, or social activities.

SSOs in Tennessee are required by law to register as a nonprofit organization with the Tennessee Secretary of State office and file annually with them. SSOs are also required to follow guidelines and policies as defined in Tennessee Code Annotated Title 49, Chapter 2, Part 6 (the School Support Organization Financial Accountability Act), The Model Financial Policy for School Support Organizations (amended May 2020), and the Oak Ridge Schools’ School Support Organization Policy (2.404).

To be an active SSO with Oak Ridge Schools, your organization must be in good standing with the Tennessee Secretary of State and be approved to operate by both the principal of the associated school as well as the Executive Director of School Leadership. Below are required annual documents as well as additional resources to assist SSO leadership.

School Support Organizations are valued resources for our schools. Your willingness to ensure the continued success of the many programs at Oak Ridge Schools is greatly appreciated.

Approved School Support Organizations

Policy Documents

Annual Forms

Additional Resources

For additional questions regarding SSOs, please contact the principal of your associated school or the Business Services Coordinator.