Administrative Council

Central Office

  • Dr. Bruce Borchers, Superintendent of Schools

Executive Directors

  • Mr. Matthew Bradburn, Executive Director of Human Resources
  • Mr. Bruce Lay, Executive Director of School Leadership
  • Dr. Kelly Williams, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning


  • Mr. Doug Cofer, Director of Technology
  • Dr. Larrissa Henderson, Director of Pupil Services
  • Ms. Jenifer Van Dyke, Finance Director


  • Ms. Molly Gallagher Smith, Communications Specialist


  • Dr. Holly Cross, Supervisor of College, Career, Technical Education
  • Mr. John Stults, Supervisor of Special Education
  • Mr. Allen Thacker, Supervisor of Maintenance and Operations


  • Ms. Lisa Downard, Principal, Preschool
  • Ms. Ginny Boles, Principal, Glenwood Elementary
  • Mr. Brian Tinker, Assistant Administrator, Glenwood Elementary
  • Ms. Heather Jenkins, Principal, Linden Elementary
  • Dr. Brittany Tate, Assistant Administrator, Linden Elementary
  • Ms. Jen Laurendine, Principal, Willow Brook Elementary
  • Mr. Jason Nussbaum, Assistant Administrator, Willow Brook Elementary
  • Mr. D.T. Hobby,┬áPrincipal, Woodland Elementary
  • Ms. Angie Israel, Assistant Administrator, Woodland Elementary
  • Mr. Phil Cox, Principal, Jefferson Middle
  • Mr. Ben Fowler, Vice Principal, Jefferson Middle
  • Dr. Jake Quilliams, Dean, Jefferson Middle
  • Mr. Nick Corrigan, Principal, Robertsville Middle
  • Ms. Christine Free, Vice Principal, Robertsville Middle
  • Mr. Christopher Williams, Dean, Robertsville Middle
  • Mr. Drayton Hawkins, Principal, Oak Ridge High School
  • Ms. Beth Estep, Vice Principal, Oak Ridge High School
  • Mr. David Foust, Vice Principal, Oak Ridge High School
  • Mr. Jennifer Milligan, Vice Principal, Oak Ridge High School
  • Ms. Stephanie Thompson, Vice Principal, Oak Ridge High School
  • Mr. Russ Wise, Vice Principal, Oak Ridge High School
  • Mr. Christopher Scott, Administrator, Secret City Academy


  • Ms. Lauren Blair, PLC Coordinator
  • Ms. Kathy Foust, STEM Coordinator
  • Dr. Jami Garner, K-8 Math Coordinator
  • Ms. Heather Hinderlight, Instructional Technology Coordinator
  • Mr. Tony Jolly, Data and Assessment Coordinator
  • Ms. Melanie Kosko, Literacy Coordinator
  • Ms. Callie Painter, Student Success Coordinator