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Welcome to the Oak Ridge Schools! Oak Ridge is known for its academic achievements and the quality of its educational system. It has always been a discriminator in where families choose to live as we aggressively pursue academic excellence and offer all we can to ensure a positive future for today’s students. We are also committed to our Portrait of an Oak Ridge Schools’ Graduate that is focused on preparing every student for college, career and life success. Thank you for choosing to be a part of the award-winning Oak Ridge Schools!

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If you have additional questions, contact Pupil Services at 865-425-9026.

Proof of Residency in Oak Ridge, TN – (current housing lease/deed/mortgage statement, current electric bill at your provided address, and a government-issued ID that matches this address. All provided documents must be in the name of the parent/legal guardian. If you are unable to provide these documents for any reason, please contact Dr. Larrissa Henderson in Pupil Services at 865-425-9026.
Custody/guardianship papers – if applicable. These documents must be provided in the instance of divorce, legal separation, change of guardianship from parents to another party, etc.
State of Tennessee Immunization Form – provided by the Anderson County Health department or a physician. If your student is transferring from another TN school, we can request these records from their previously attended school, if available. Any student transferring to Oak Ridge Schools from out of state must have the immunizations on the Tennessee form.  Pupil Services can also transfer the immunizations when provided the appropriate paperwork.
Proof of Physical – if transferring to Oak Ridge Schools from out of state, you must provide us with proof of a physical exam within (30) days of enrollment. A physical exam done on/after January 1 of the current school year is acceptable. The physical exam must be notated on the Tennessee Immunization form.
Evidence of student’s date