Oak Ridge Schools Registration Information

District Pupil Services RegistrationInformation necessary for new student registration includes the following:

1. A birth certificate or officially acceptable evidence of date of birth at the time of registration
2. Child’s Social Security Number or a copy of the card (optional)
3. Health Insurance Provider
4. The Tennessee Certificate of Immunization available from your doctor or Health Department consisting of two parts must be completed to begin school:
A. Immunizations must show the complete dates (month, day and year) immunizations were administered.
B. Health Examinations – a physical examination is required for all children entering Tennessee Schools (K-12). Oak Ridge Schools require a physical examination current since January 1st of the year the student will enter kindergarten. Students transferring from another state must present a physical examination current within one year from date of enrollment.

* Immunizations – A permanent Tennessee Child Health Record form showing the complete dates (month, day, and year) immunizations were administered. The Tennessee State Law requires that each child entering a Tennessee school for the first time have a physical examination and be immunized against diphtheria, whooping cough (pertussis), tetanus (DPT), polio, rubella (German measles), rubeola (red measles), mumps (MMR), Hepatitis B, and varicella.

* Health Examination – A physical examination is required for all children entering Tennessee Schools (K-12). Oak Ridge Schools require a physical examination current since January 1 of the year the student will enter kindergarten.

5. Grades 1-12 only – Provide the name, address, and phone number of the school(s) where your child previously attended or provide report cards, copies of the current IEP or 504 plan, or withdrawal forms.
6. Parents of students in grades 9-12 only must call the Oak Ridge High School Guidance office at 865-425-9607 to schedule a conference with a school counselor.
7. Documentation to support proof of residency within the Oak Ridge Schools district (i.e. copies of lease, deed, utilities, etc.) Owning property in Oak Ridge does not support proof of residency.  Families must be domiciled within the Oak Ridge School zone lines.  For additional information, parents and/or students should contact their respective school or Pupil Services at 865-425-9009.

Kindergarten Students Only

To help school officials know approximately how many kindergarten children will be enrolling in each school district and to simplify registration this summer, we ask that you complete an enrollment form which is available at each elementary school. According to Tennessee State Law, children must reach their fifth birthday by August 15 to be eligible for kindergarten. State law also requires that, prior to attending first grade, all children must have attended an approved kindergarten program.

Kindergarten pre-registration in May is the first step in enrolling your child in kindergarten. THE REGISTRATION PROCESS IS TO BE COMPLETED BY GOING TO YOUR CHILD’S SCHOOL WITH ALL THE REQUIRED INFORMATION FOR ENTERING SCHOOL. At that time, you will receive important information (such as transportation, school materials, school meals, school accident insurance, etc.) relative to your child’s school year.

If you move during the summer to another Oak Ridge school district, you should call the school office any weekday after July 7, to request that your child’s registration form be sent to the school in the district into which you have moved.