Our Commitment

Oak Ridge School District is committed to creating a safe and welcoming learning environment for students, families, staff and visitors. This page links to resources and partner organizations to help promote safety in our schools and in the community.

Safety Plans

Our district has an Emergency Operations Plan, we are part of the Anderson County Hazard Mitigation Plan, and we collaborate with Oak Ridge City and Anderson County Emergency Response Teams to support our schools in being prepared to respond to potential safety concerns. In addition, each school has an emergency response team that has created an emergency response plan to address the specific needs of each campus.

Administrators, Principals, and City Contacts for Reporting Concerns

School Principals

District Administrators

Special Education Support/Psychologists

City of Oak Ridge Emergency

Knoxville Area FBI

Oak Ridge Schools Board of Education Safety Policies:

Board Policy-Safety

Board Policy-Emergency Management

Board Policy-Crisis Management

Board Policy-Security

For information about our district’s commitment to safety, contact:

Mr. Bruce Lay, Executive Director of School Leadership
E-mail: blay@ortn.edu
Telephone: 865-425-9002


The CodeRED Community Notification System is a system used by the City of Oak Ridge to make notifications to the local residences and businesses during the event of an emergency, extended power outages, or other community events, which local areas of the community need to be notified. Please click the CodeRED link above to sign up.