Substitute Application Requirements

Thank you for your interest in substituting for positions with Oak Ridge Schools. Substitutes perform a valuable role in our system, ensuring that educational opportunities continue when regular employees are absent from work.

All applicants for substitute positions must have a valid email account to access the online application.  Free internet options are available.  Please contact Human Resources (HR) if you have questions.  You must complete the online application and answer the background questions in order for your application to receive consideration. You may complete our online application here.

In addition to the completed online application, substitutes must complete all of the following requirements and be approved in order to begin employment as a substitute.

  1. Download the Printable Substitute Form Packet.
  2. Complete W-4 Form, I-9 Documentation (bring appropriate supporting documents), Direct Deposit Form (must have voided check or bank authorization form), Policies and Procedures for Substitutes Disclaimer and Acknowledgement, Criminal History Background check and bring to Human Resources.
  3. Applicants may either provide completed paper reference forms or submit online reference forms. References should be completed by any previous/current supervisors, co-workers, etc. who have knowledge of your professional work experience. The completed paper forms should be returned by mail or in person to the HR office.
  4. Licensed TN teachers should attach a copy of the Tennessee license to the online application on the résumé page.