Staff Development and School Calendar

The Staff Development and School Calendar is now available as an Outlook public folder.  Please note that if you completed these steps to link to last year’s calendar that link should still be active in your email program and no further action is necessary. However, if you have not set up the link previously, please follow the instructions below.


With Outlook open, select Folders List.  Click on Public Folders. (Expand the list by clicking the plus sign.)  Select All Public Folders, then SA, then Teacher Center. You will see Staff Development Calendar as one of the listed calendars.  Right click while Staff Development is highlighted. Select Add Favorites and left click this option, then click Add in the following dialogue box.

In the lower left of your screen, between Mail and Contacts, click on Calendar. By putting a link to the calendar in Favorites rather than a static copy, your calendar will be updated as changes are made and will continue to update as we move throughout the year. The Staff Development Calendar will appear under Other Calendars. If it does not appear, click on Folder List again. Between Public Folders and All Public Folders you will see a Favorites folder which contains the link to the Staff Development calendar. Right click on Staff Development and from the options box, left click on Add to Other Calendars and it will now appear under Other Calendars when you click on Calendar in Outlook. To display Staff Development Calendar events, click the check box to the left of the calendar name.

Teacher Inservice

All teachers should keep a log of the inservices they attend over the course of the school year. Review professional development guidelines and frequently asked questions below. If you have questions about professional development please call Elizabeth McFall at the Teacher Center, 865-425-9013.