Teaching and Learning Office Hours

Monday – Friday 8:00 – 4:00
Phone: 865.425.9013
Fax: 865.425.9056

Supporting teachers in preparing every student for college, career and life success.

For curriculum support and professional development in Oak Ridge Schools, contact one of the staff members below.

Executive Director

Executive Director of Teaching and Learning

Dr. Kelly Williams
Phone: 865.425.9013

  • Curriculum and Technology
  • Federal Programs
  • Response to Instruction and Intervention (RTI2)

Executive Assistant of Teaching and Learning
Elizabeth McFall
Phone: 865.425.9013

  • Federal Programs/Grants/ePlan/Liaison to ORPSEF
  • Professional Development
  • Coordinators and School Counselors Program Support
  • Textbook Adoption and Instructional Technology
  • Naka-shi Student Exchange


Supervisor of College, Career, and Technical Education (CCTE)
Supervisor of Communications

Dr. Holly Cross
Phone: 865.425.9557

  • District-wide CCTE course planning and supervision
  • District-wide contact for local and social media

Administrative Secretary for Career Readiness (CCTE) and Communications
Tammy Souza
Phone: 865.425.9608

  • Administrative support for CCTE and Communications
  • Budgeting and asset management

Supervisor of Special Education

Dr. Myles Hebrard
Phone: 865.425.9027

  • District-wide Special Education course planning and supervision

Administrative Secretary for Special Education
Ann Moore
Phone: 865.425.9027

  • Administrative support for Special Education staff
  • Budgeting and asset management


Data & Assessment Coordinator

Tony Jolly
Phone: 865.425.9043

  • Data & Assessment
  • AVID

K-8 Math Coordinator

Dr. Jami Garner
Phone: 865.425.9054

  • Math Assessments
  • Curriculum Support and Coaching

K-8 Literacy Coordinator

Melanie Kosko
Phone: 865.228.8104

  • Literacy Assessments
  • Curriculum Support and Coaching

9-12 Math & K-12 STEM Coordinator

Kathy Foust
Phone: 865.425.9055

  • Math Assessments
  • Curriculum/PBL Planning, Support, and Coaching
  • CRESO Grant Administrator

Instructional Technology Coaches

  • Instructional Technology Support & Coaching
  • District Software Support

Willow Brook and Woodland
Mike Carvella

Glenwood and Linden
Heather Henderlight

Jefferson Middle School
Ben Fowler

Robertsville Middle School
John Quarles

Oak Ridge High School
Dr. Olivia Ritter