The Technology Department has recently changed how you request technology assistance. The previous work order system has been replaced with a support portal. These instructions will show you how to use the ORS Support Portal to submit an Incident Request.

Open a web browser and go to

Login with your ORS username and password. This is the new ORS Support Portal.

The Service Catalog will be your ‘go to’ site to open technology Incident Requests. From Incident Requests please select a request item below.

Account – Picture Change Request


This request can be used if you would like to change your account picture.

Click the Browse button and navigate to the picture you would like to use as your account picture. Note that the picture needs to be in .jpg format and that it must be a photo of you (not an avatar). Select submit.

Incident (For me)

As the title suggests, use this option to open a request for you. Please fill out all the fields (note that fields with an asterisk are required fields).

In addition to filling out all of the fields any related files may also be attached. Click Submit.

Incident Request Email Confirmations

For each incident request you will receive a confirmation email with an Incident Request number.

Please keep this email as the Incident Request (IR) number can be used to check the status of your request(s).

Incident (For someone else)

If you need to open a request for a supervisor or coworker, use the Incident (For someone else) option.

Beneath the question “Who are you submitting this incident for?” click Refresh. A list will load showing the names of other employees for whom you may submit a ticket. Hint: You can save time by searching for the person by last name.

Fill out all of the fields and click Submit. You will receive a confirmation email with an IR number.

ITC Support Request

If you need to submit a request for an Instructional Technology Coach select that option.

Fill out all of the fields and click Submit.

Printer Problem

Select the Printer Problem tile if you need to report an issue with a printer at ORS. Note that there is a link to a Related Help Article. The information in the Related Help Article may provide enough info that an incident request is not needed.

Click on “Refresh” to load a list of printers at ORS. Select the printer with which you are experiencing issues. After filling out all of the fields, select Submit.

Note: Your building technician should be the first person to contact if you have an issue with a printer. This form will be used to contact them.

Technology Purchase Request

Please complete all the required fields and click Submit.

Open Requests

You can view the status of the requests you’ve submitted by going to the My Requests page.

Requests are listed as Active, Resolved, Closed and All.


If you need to add additional information to an open request, click on that request and use the User Input field. Enter the info you need to add and click Update.

If you need to cancel your request you can choose that option as well.

Adding to Favorites

Note that each request tile has a small heart that can be used to add that request tile to your favorites. To add one of the tiles to your favorites, click on the tile you would like to add, then click on the heart.

Your favorites will be the first tiles that you see on the Service Catalog page. To remove them from your favorites, click on the one you’d like to remove, then click on the heart.

Help Articles

The ORS Support Portal contains a searchable knowledge base. Click on the ? icon from the Support Portal page.

The first page only displays the Most Popular articles. To see the entire list place your cursor in the search box and press the enter key.

If you want to add an article to your favorites for future reference, click on the article, and select the heart icon.

The next time you access the Help page your favorites will appear first on the list.

Tickets from mobile devices

If your computer is not accessible you can still put in an incident request from your mobile phone or tablet. The process is the same on your mobile device as on your computer with one exception.

Log into and click Incident Requests. The support page may appear blank when first accessed. If it does, tilt your phone 90 degrees to the left, then back again. This will allow the page to be seen from the smaller screen.

No Email Ticket Submissions

Please note one more important detail when putting in an incident request. The use of emails such as or will no longer be available with the new Support Portal.

All incident requests will need to originate from

We appreciate your attention to this important detail and look forward to serving you in the coming school year!