We would like to congratulate the school- and district-level winners of the 2020 Teacher Assistants of the Year. The school-level winners are:


  • Oak Ridge Schools Preschool, Ki’Anna Gibson
  • Glenwood Elementary School, Amanda Hazenfield
  • Linden Elementary School, Brenda Clements
  • Willow Brook Elementary School, Christopher Bruce
  • Woodland Elementary School, Tammi Beckett
  • Jefferson Middle School, Matt Reed
  • Robertsville Middle School, Marcy Dorman
  • Secret City Academy, Rose Molley
  • Oak Ridge High School, Connie Rhinehart

The district-level winner of the Teacher Assistant of the Year is Marcy Dorman.


Ms. Dorman assists students in the classroom by making sure they have necessary tools for success, encouraging them to give their very best in a positive manner. Her accomplishments as a teacher assistant are due in part to the fact that she recognizes that students learn in different ways, and caters her teaching methods to individual student needs. Marcy has helped students move from low reading levels through response to intervention (RTI) classes, and advancing out of the interventions because she was able to give them the tools and encouragement necessary to foster a belief in their abilities. She espouses patience and good listening skills, which she considers to be essential skills for teacher assistants. Thank you, Marcy, for your commitment to the success of our Oak Ridge students.

Marcy Dorman