The Robertsville Middle School chapter of the Technology Student Association competed in 26 team and individual events at the 2018 state TSA conference in Chattanooga from April 11 – April 14, 2018.

With over a 1,000 competitors in attendance, RMS represented the Oak Ridge and Robertsville community well by receiving top-3 finishes in 18 of the 26 events entered.

RMS TSA took home ten 1st place awards in the following categories:

  • Biotechnology – Mackenzie Aurin, Victoria Moua, Ben Pontello, Daphne Seay, Hannah Tharrington, and Gabe Weber
  • Electrical Applications – Thomas Schultz
  • Flight – Claire Thornton
  • Inventions & Innovations – Emily Brown, Christian Goethert, Canaan Hixson, Jillian Johnson, and Boru Kneiser
  • Medical Technology – Mackenzie Aurin, Jillian Johnson, Ben Pontello, and Hannah Tharrington
  • Off the Grid – Bryson Brown, Kira Palau, and Caitlin Pendley
  • Problem Solving – Bryson Brown and Aidan Gibson
  • Promotional Marketing – Matthew Kitts
  • Tech Bowl – Joe Blair, Hudson Reynolds, Thomas Schultz

RMS TSA won five 2nd place awards in the following categories:

  • Children’s Stories – Kira Palau and Caitlin Pendley
  • STEM Animation – Aidan Gibson, Victoria Moua, Ben Pontello, Elana Sampsel, Claire Thornton, and Gabe Weber
  • System Control Technology – Victoria Moua, Thomas Schultz, Daphne Seay, and Gabe Weber
  • Technical Design – Elana Sampsel and Claire Thornton
  • Video Game Design – Jacob Oldham, Daphne Seay, and Hannah Tharrington

RMS TSA won six 3rd place awards in the following categories:

  • CAD Foundations – Hudson Reynolds
  • Dragster – Sam Livesay
  • Electrical Applications – Christian Goethert
  • Essays on Technology – Emily Brown
  • Mechanical Engineering – Bryson Brown, Tristin Del Toro, and Aidan Gibson

In addition, RMS TSA made the semifinals in the following categories:

  • Career Prep – Mackenzie Aurin
  • Challenging Tech Issues – Canaan Hixson and Elijah Israel
  • Coding – Michaela Foertter and Jacob Oldham
  • Dragster – Kira Palau
  • Forensic Technology – Sam Livesay and Jacob Oldham
  • Website Design – Emily Brown, Matthew Kitts, and Hudson Reynolds

The RMS TSA chapter would not be possible without the dedication of our adult volunteers Chuck and Angi Agle, Janet and Bob Cushman, Tara Kneiser, Angie Palau, and Michele Thornton.

RMS TSA is sponsored by RMS staff members Todd Livesay and Eli Manning