Robertsville Middle School’s Technology Student Association (TSA) club had an exceptional year learning about STEM related fields and competing at the regional, state, and national level. TSA competitions were completely virtual this year. Students persevered through minimal in-person meetings, Zoom meetings, competing virtually at RMS for regional and state in various locations of the building, and competing at nationals from their homes or wherever their parents were vacationing. TSA students’ accomplishments and successes are a true representation of their dedication and grit.

At regionals, TSA students received first place in Biotechnology, Children’s Stories, Essays on Technology, Forensic Technology (Team 2), Leadership Strategies (Team 1), Off the Grid, Prepared Speech, and Technology Bowl. TSA students also placed second in Career Prep, Forensic Technology (Team1), and placed third in Leadership Strategies (Team 2) and Problem Solving.

At the state competition, TSA students received first place in Biotechnology, CAD Foundations, STEM Animation, Digital Photography, Construction Challenge, Promotional Marketing, Children’s Stories, Career Prep, Essays on Technology, Prepared Speech, Technology Bowl, and Medical Technology. TSA students also received second place in CAD Foundations, Off the Grid, Leadership Strategies, Cyber Security, and third place in Forensic Technology. Robertsville Middle School was also awarded Chapter of Excellence at state.

Throughout the month of June, TSA students competed at the national level. This summer was the first time in many years that the RMS TSA participated on the national level. It is one of the most challenging platforms for students to compete. TSA placed in the top 10 in Construction Challenge (Brandon Bonamarte, Drayton Keehn, and Seth Blair), Digital Photography (Odelia Kneiser,) and Promotional Marketing (Odelia Kneiser). Odelia Kneiser received second in Essays on Technology. Carleigh Brown and Odelia Kneiser received second place in STEM Animation, and Odelia Kneiser and Brandon Bonamarte received first place in Children’s Stories. RMS is proud of all our TSA students for how well they did at competitions but also because of their unwavering work ethic to learn about STEM careers and overcoming the immense obstacles of a very challenging year.

TSA Members: Seth Blair, Brandon Bonamarte, Carleigh Brown, Dalila Camcho-Temblador, Brady Fuson, Cambrie Hixon, Zachary Ibanez, Drayton Keehn, Odelia Kneiser, Sofia Sangrey, and Lilly Woods

TSA Advisors: Sandra Burnette, Bryson Leftwich, and Tara Kneiser