Oak Ridge Schools Read Like a Pro summer reading camp leaders are pleased to share a snapshot of their data.  Over the past two months, participating children not only increased reading levels, but also motivation to read, self-concept as readers, value of reading, and literacy aloud.  Students learned that the more they read, the better they got, and data showed that accuracy and comprehension went up without specific instruction for either variable.  Powerful conversations with campers included instructions for writing and sharing of stories.

Across the district in all four elementary schools, 89 students participated in reading camp. Of those participants, 25 were rising first graders, 48 were rising second graders, and 16 were rising third graders. The average attendance rate was 83.5%. Prior to the reading camp, the reading accuracy rate was 85.4%, and afterward, it rose to 87.0%.  Prior to reading camp, the comprehension rate was 69.4%, and afterward, it rose to 70.9%. Motivation rates rose from 83.9% to 85.7%. Self-concept as a reader rose from 82.5% to 84.3%. Value of reading went from 87.7% to 88.9%. Literacy aloud rose from 77.5% to 80.5%.

We are pleased that students have had the opportunity not only to learn and grow over the summer, but to also prevent a phenomenon known as “summer slide” when students do not continue reading habits while on breaks from school. Not only did students get to participate in activities at their home schools, but they also worked up a reader’s theater project they presented at the Tennessee Theatre. The presentation was the finale to an informative tour of the facility, learning about its history and current use.

Linden Read Like a Pro at Tennessee Theatre