After Trinity – A Screening of Oppenheimer After Trinity & a Student-Led Panel Discussion

Oak Ridge Schools proudly presents an exciting free community event in conjunction with premiere week for the acclaimed blockbuster film, Oppenheimer. The event will highlight our students and position them alongside industry experts for an outstanding leadership opportunity. The event will be held at the Oak Ridge High School Auditorium on Wednesday, July 19, from 6-8:30. The event will include a 90-minute panel discussion and a screening of the documentary film, Oppenheimer After Trinity (60 minutes in length).

The movie’s premiere offers an unparalleled opportunity for the residents of Oak Ridge, and our students, to re-examine the conversations held over 80 years ago surrounding the splitting of the atom and the aftermath those decisions had on society. Furthermore, the experience provides a framework for discussing the development and deployment of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, and the impact it will potentially have on future generations.

The panel aims to position our Oak Ridge students alongside community leaders to encourage their intellectual growth and prepare them as the next generation of industry leaders on the global stage.

This page will be updated with additional details as they become available.

Oak Ridge Schools presents After Trinity - a screening of Oppenheimer After Trinity & a student-led panel discussion with the filmmaker and local scientists. Wednesday, July 19, 2023 - 6-8:30 p.m. Oak Ridge High School Auditorium

Featured Panelists

Dr. Lynne Parker, former deputy United States chief technology officer and director of the National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office within the White House, currently serving as the Director of the AI Tennessee Initiative at University of Tennessee Knoxville