Did you know Kai Fu Lee?

He is an Oak Ridge High School alumnus who is making a big difference.

Most Likely to Succeed

When Kai Fu Lee was in 9th grade at Jefferson (Junior High) School, his peers voted him and classmate Katie Pfuderer as Most Likely to Succeed.

Most Likely to Succeed

Excerpt from Jefferson Yearbook 1976

Kai Fu Lee

Kai Fu Lee ORHS Senior Portrait











The Book

In the Oak Ridge Schools 75th Anniversary Book, he shared these memories:

When I first moved to Oak Ridge, I didn’t speak a word of English.  The Cloutier family took me in, became my godparents, and treated me like their own child.  I am very grateful for their warmth, which represented American generosity, and the spirit of pay-it-forward.

I was grateful to have had Mrs. Albert as my math teacher.  She was very sharp, and was a good teacher with patience for everyone.  She really took the time to make me feel special, from encouraging me to enter contests, to driving me to UT advanced calculus classes (which she taught), to writing a dozen recommendations for me.  She was my mentor.  The Chinese celebrate the “teacher’s day,” and every year, when I am asked who was my most admired teacher, I think of Mrs. Albert.  She gave me so much confidence that I became a math major, thinking I was a math genius.  At college I liked computer science so much I eventually switched over.

-Kai-Fu Lee

Time Magazine

In 2013 Lee was selected as one of the 100 Most Influential People in the World by Time magazine for his innovations and leadership in the field of computer science.

60 Minutes

In October of 2018, Kai Fu Lee was featured on 60 Minutes. Here is a clip from that feature.

Watch more of this story by clicking here if you subscribe to CBS All Access.

TED Talk

Here is a TED Talk of Kai Fu Lee talking about how AI can actually save our humanity.

New York Times Bestseller

Recently, Kai Fu Lee wrote a New York Times Bestseller titled AI Superpowers.

Look Inside



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Learn more about his current role on his Sinovation Ventures company web page.



Schedule for the day for Kai Fu Lee’s visit:

Arrive at JMS                                    7:30-7:40             JMS

Speak to JMS students                   7:40-8:35            1st period, JMS

Tour JMS                                           8:40-9:30           2nd period, JMS

Travel time to ORHS                       9:30-9:45

Tour ORHS                                        9:45-10:25         3rd period, ORHS

Speak to students                           10:37-11:26          4th period, ORHS