Congratulations to the Jefferson Middle School FIRST Lego League teams. They competed in the Knoxville Qualifier on Saturday, December 9, 2017 at Hardin Valley Academy. The JMS Master Builders received the 1st Place Core Values Trophy. The RadioActive Brix received the 2nd Place Champions Trophy. The Atomic Eagles received the 1st Place Champions Trophy and the 2nd Place Robot Performance Trophy. All three teams will be advancing to the East Tennessee Championship in February.

The team members are as follows: Atomic Eagles – Aaliyah Herron, Aaron Fiscor, Alex Shanafield, Amelie Nagle, Ben Dallas, Brian Qu, Lindsey Fiscor, and Marissa Kenworthy. Team coaches are Janie Shanafield and David Hundermark and team mentor is Harold Shanafield. JMS Master Builders – Adam Blanchard, Amelia Thomson, Jacob Mohr. Jessica Mohr, Matthew Alexander, Sadie Thomson, Sydney Blanchard. Team coach is Lexie Scott and team mentor is Dr. Jeff Thomson. RadioActive Brix – Abbey Ellis, Christopher Gorsuch, Colby Lawson, Eden Hatmaker, Henry Landau, Johnny Clark, Roxanne Farahi, Wesley Hitson. Team coach is Norma Franco and team mentor is Justin Lawson.

In addition, there are several JMS students on a local/community team called Team CATS. They placed third overall. Team members include: Anshra Ajaz, Ashley Godfrey, Becca Godfrey, Grace Godfrey, Iliana Spence, and Thora Spence.  The team will be advancing to the regional championship tournament in February.

Atomic Eagles