The Oak Ridge Family Resource Center offers many types of services to our families! 

Information and Referral to Community Resources

  •  Network to provide families with needed services
  • Aid with applications to community resources 

Program Development and Implementation

  • Eliminate gaps in services 

Case Management

  • Home visits
  • Emergency Transportation
  • Family Advocate

Educational Goals

  • Readers and Leaders Tutorial Programs 
  • Attend parents teachers conferences at the request of the parent
  • Attendance Support

Student Programs 

  • Food for Kids
  • School Supplies
  • Children’s Clothing Closet

Adult Programs

  • Parenting Classes and Seminars
  • Job Skill/Resume Assistance
  • Budgeting Classes and Seminars 

Emergency Assistance

  • Provide emergency assistance for rent/utilities 
  • Provide emergency assistance for medicines and gasoline 
  • Provide emergency assistance for food and clothing

We have two offices located on the west and east side of Oak Ridge. Our offices are located at Willow Brook Elementary and Glenwood Elementary.

For assistance, please contact Jo Bruce, FRC Director at 865-425-3205/ or

Sharon Gleason, FRC Assistant at 865-425-9369/