Get the Google Certificate File

Click the link below “Certificate File” and follow the instructions for your device’s operating system below.

Certificate File

  • Download certificate from the link above.
  • Open Chrome browser, go to settings, click show advanced settings
  • Click manage certificates button
  • Under the “Authorities” tab, click the import button
  • Browse to the cert and import it.**NOTE** If using Guest mode, this cert will have to be installed each time the Chromebook is rebooted.
  • Download and save the certificate file from the link above.
  • Double click on the certificate file to open it, Windows devices should show the following:
  • Press the “Install Certificate” button
  • Choose “Local Machine” if the student is an Admin on their Device (they will have to accept UAC prompt/enter Admin credentials), if not, choose “Current User”
  • Click Next to install it automatically
  • Click “Finish” and restart your browser.
  • After downloading the certificate from locate the downloads folder
  • Double click the Certificate.cer to install and you will be prompted to give access
  • Once installed navigate to the Finder and search for “keychain”
  • In the