The Network Infrastructure Team ensures that network connectivity is available for all Oak Ridge School users.  Our highest priority is to maintain functionality and efficiency for all users and applications of the network.


David Kocot
Network Engineer

Network Administrator Photo

Brett Touchstone
Network Administrator


We maintain two connections to the Internet through ENA, providing a total of 1 Gbps bandwith to the district.
This is what allows you to make and receive phone calls to and from the rest of the world. We maintain four PRI circuits and over one thousand public phone numbers for the district.
All of our buildings are connected via our own optical fiber ring circling the city. This fiber plant is a joint endeavor between Oak Ridge Schools, the City of Oak Ridge Electric Department and the City of Oak Ridge. Within the district, the fiber supports multiple 10-Gbps and 1-Gbps connections per school to our data center. Wide area network routing is handled by a pair of Cisco 6807 switches.
Each building has a state-of-the-art local network consisting of category 5e or better cabling, backed by PoE+ gigabit ethernet ports. These support end-point devices such as: computers, phones, cameras, printers, and wireless access points. The LAN is run by Cisco 2960, 3850, and 4500 switches.
We provide high-density, high-capacity 802.11ac-capable wireless access with at least one access point in every classroom, as well as coverage for other instructional, administrative, and support areas. That is about 500 access points throughout the district, managed by a pair of Cisco 8500 series WLAN controllers.
Our phone system is a voice-over-IP (VOIP) system by—you guessed it—Cisco. We run over 800 phones and about 1300 phone numbers, and connect to the PSTN (external calls), Unified Messaging (voice-mail and auto-attendants), and Skype for Business.
This is a service (not a disservice). Web content filtering is required by state and federal regulations, and Internet filtering is provided by an iboss Cybersecurity Appliance. This is a robust system for blocking content based on user information as well as logging browsing activity.
Cisco Prime Infrastructure simplifies the management of ORTN wireless and wired networks, providing single point of control, wired & wireless client visibility,  and network infrastructure coverage maps.
The network group monitors outages for all schools, however If your school network goes down, we want to get it working again as quickly as possible. Immediately call the IT Help Desk.
If you need new network outlets installed in your school, please create a Helpdesk ticket and provide detailed information about purpose for the room (i.e. new lab with 15 machines, etc.).