Our team is responsible for the design, implementation, and day-to-day management of Oak Ridge Schools Windows based services which include but are not limited to Active Directory, Server Hardware, Server Applications, Operating Systems, and other related Software Applications, Services and Utilities. It is our goal to provide ORS staff with the technology, tools and flexibility they need to enhance student learning and increase productivity.

showcaseSchoolsJefferson Middle School 2016/17

Travis Ferguson
Systems Engineer

Paul Mohr
Systems Administrator

For Staff and Students

Windows 10 has been customized and integrated with ORS systems for use by staff and students.
Below is an overview of some of those customizations:

STEM: All one to one systems have STEM related software available via the Software Center and Application Catalog as optional installations. Some examples of this are:

  • Geometers sketchpad
  • And many more!

LANSCHOOL: All one to one systems include LanSchool classroom management software, some key features are listed below:

  • Monitor Students
    Monitor students by using the Thumbnail view to quickly see each student's screen. You can monitor up to 3,000 students at a time, and dual monitors are supported. The Details View shows columns of information about students. Useful information, such as last application run, as well as last website visited is shown. ScreenFeed rotates through student screens, allowing teachers to monitor student screens from a distance. Other features such as Screen Snapshot, Internet History and Keystroke Monitoring helps maintain a safe environment for all students.
  • Remove Distractions
    Getting the attention of students with technology in their hands is difficult at best. The Blank Screens feature allows teachers to focus students' attention to the front of the classroom by blanking all student screens. In addition, you can keep your students focused on the task at hand by limiting their access to specific web sites and applications that are running on their computers.
  • Teach
    Teach more effectively by broadcasting the teacher screen to the