The Application & Data Services team is responsible for the implementation, maintenance and development of all non-Microsoft applications as well as the development, implementation, and electronic transfer of state and federal required student information. It is our goal to provide the ORS staff and students with the software packages they need to enhance student learning, increase productivity, provide integration between software packages to decrease redundant data entry and insure data integrity while complying with state and federal data mandates.

Jeff Edmonds
Supervisor of Data Services

Jennifer Conner
Data Technician

Student Management applications are used to store and disseminate demographic data, data used to track the educational growth of a student, as well as student scheduling, assignments, and any special requirements necessary to optimize the student’s learning environment. The Learning Platform is used to provide students and parents with a consistent, reliable, and intuitive interface for content delivery, feedback, collaboration, and communication.

Canvas is the Learning Management System used by teachers to provide digital access to classroom material and collaboration. Canvas is the center piece for the Oak Ridge Schools’ Learning Platform.
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EdPlan is the Special Education Management software used to store and track student IEP (Individualized Education Program) information.
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Skyward is the student information system Oak Ridge Schools uses to collect, store and report all student demographic, attendance, discipline, and grade data. It also serves as the point of sale solution for food services. Skyward is a key component of the Oak Ridge Schools’ Learning Platform.
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Classroom applications are used by teachers to assess, enhance, and/or remediate skills being taught to students.

Aimsweb is a universal screener used to perform benchmark assessments on their reading levels and monitor their learning progress.
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Apex is an online intervention program used for High School credit recovery and supports Keys 5, 6, and 7 of Oak Ridge School’s Keys to College and Career Readiness.
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Benchmark Education is a comprehensive literacy program for grades K-6.
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Big Ideas Math is complete mathematics curriculum for Middle and High Schools.
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Discovery Education provides digital content to students on a wide range of education topics and used to support Keys 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of Oak Ridge Schools’ Keys to College and Career Readiness.
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Dreambox is adaptive formative assessment software that is used to enrich and remediate math skills for students in grades PK-5 and supports Keys 2, 3, 4, and 5 of Oak Ridge School’s Keys to College and Career Readiness.
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5th grade math lessons that support Keys 2, 3, and 4 of Oak Ridge School’s Keys to College and Career Readiness.
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GradeCam is used to create answer sheets, score, and record student tests.
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Houghton Mifflin Harcourt provides access to online textbooks for K-12 students.
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i-Ready is adaptive growth measure and diagnostic software in math and reading for Elementary and Middle School students and supports Keys 2 and 3 of Oak Ridge School’s Keys to College and Career Readiness.
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IXL is a professional learning system used to enhance instruction in Algebra1, English 1, and science and social studies for grades 5-6 and supports Keys 4 and 6 of Oak Ridge School’s Keys to College and Career Readiness.
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Naviance is a college and career readiness software package that provides students with college planning and career assessment tools. Naviance supports Key 5 of Oak Ridge School’s Keys to College and Career Readiness.
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Nearpod is an interactive presentation and assessment tool that can be used by teachers in grades 5-12 to create presentations that contain quizzes, polls, videos, images, drawing-boards, web-content and more.
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Pearson EasyBridge provides access to online textbooks for K-5 students.
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STAR is adaptive assessment software that is used to evaluate math and reading skills for students in grades 8-12.
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Studies Weekly provides online textbooks for K-5 students.
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Vista provides online Language learning textbooks.
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Wayside provides online world language Textbooks
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Business Support applications are used to conduct the daily business of the Oak Ridge Schools.

Aesop is a substitute teacher placement program used to request, assign, and track substitutes.
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Clever is used to provide single sign-on access to a variety of educational software utilized by the district as well as syncing roster information between the student management system and the educational software.
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Destiny is the Library system Oak Ridge schools uses to inventory and circulate books and media to students and staff.
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Efunds is the online payment system that integrates with Skyward. It is used to make payments into a students food service account.
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FileBound is a Document Management system that converts paper forms and documents into a digital format for distribution, storage, redaction, and archival. FileBound also integrates directly with Skyward for quick indexing and retrieval.
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