Oak Ridge 2020

Achieving Excellence in Education
Oak Ridge is known for its academic achievements and the quality of its educational system. It has always been a discriminator in where families choose to live. We want to aggressively pursue academic excellence and offer all we can to our future—-today’s students. Oak Ridge 2020 is about continuous improvement and achieving excellence in education. It is a strategic framework for education that envisions our future and sets strategic goals to realize that future.

Our Mission
Provide an adaptive and challenging learning environment and instruction that prepares each student for excellence in education and the workplace, while cultivating integrity, responsibility and a sustained passion for continued learning.

Our Vision
Every student receives the highest quality education and graduates prepared for college, career, and life success.

Guiding Principles
Students First: It’s all about the kids
Accountability:Responsibility for our actions and results
Equity: Opportunity, access, and achievement for all
Excellence: Our best individual and collective efforts and results
Engagement: Informed, trusting and supportive stakeholders
Integrity: Doing the right thing at all times
Teamwork: Mutual respect and teamwork are the foundation for success


Strategic Goals

The following strategic goals represent future states that must be achieved to realize our vision. They are supported by a number of broad strategies that will help to achieve those goals. Ultimately this strategic framework will serve as the basis for specific actions to be incorporated into 1, 2, and 3-year implementation plans.

Goal 1: Academic Excellence

World-class, balanced curriculum and instruction focused on student achievement

Strategies to achieve this goal:

  • Enrich the curriculum and parallel instruction to meet educational standards, provide equitable access to rigorous instruction, close achievement gaps, and include critical thinking and problem based learning.
  • Implement and improve the Seven Keys to College and Career Readiness including capstone culminating projects for 8th and 12th grade students.
  • Improve the comprehensive assessment system used to measure progress against standards and to drive data-informed curriculum and instructional decision making.
  • Leverage technology to enhance the learning environment and familiarize students with the technologies of today’s world.
  • Partner with corporate, business, community and higher education to enhance Career & Technical Education and STEM opportunities.
  • Within programs of instruction, promote social and emotional learning, development of the whole child, and a sense of belonging for every student.
  • Promote a Professional Learning Community environment that is based on ensuring that students learn, a culture of collaboration, and focus on results.

Goal 2: Educator Excellence

Committed, innovative and qualified educators that are the direct link to our students

Strategies to achieve this goal:

  • Enhance the recruitment process to clearly articulate requirements and standards, identify the highest quality prospects, develop the interview process, and support informed hiring decisions.
  • Strengthen the staff retention program with a focus on professional development, career and leadership development, compensation, and work environment.
  • Create a culture of inclusiveness to assure staff participation, communication, shared decision-making and teamwork.
  • Communicate clear qualifications and performance expectations and employ a thorough and fair assessment process.

Goal 3: Learning Environment Excellence

Safe, secure and effective environment, classrooms and infrastructure that promote learning

Strategies to achieve this goal:

  • Establish and maintain a comprehensive assessment process that monitors condition of all capital assets and provides a basis for prioritization of capital expenditures.
  • Develop a capital improvement plan that embeds cost & energy efficiency.
  • Develop and communicate strong safety and security policies, practices and plans and continuously assess performance.
  • Optimize and communicate student services including transportation, food, and other student services.

Goal 4: Operational Excellence

Excellence in the administration, application, operation, and accountable stewardship of our valued educational resources to meet student needs

Strategies to achieve this goal:

  • Adopt and embrace a comprehensive performance excellence framework for continuous improvement.
  • Create and implement a technology roadmap that encompasses applications for the student, business systems, operations and infrastructure.
  • Utilize a performance management system that encourages collaboration, teamwork and communication and leads to improved organizational effectiveness.
  • Integrate business systems and processes to support shared data, seamless access and data-driven/risk-informed decision making.
  • Create a strong, transparent city-school alliance focused on financial resources and capital asset improvement.
  • Identify and pursue non-traditional revenue sources.

Goal 5: Stakeholder Excellence

A strong family, community and school partnership that values and supports excellence in education

Strategies to achieve this goal:

  • Establish a community advisory council comprised of school, city, business, community and higher education representation.
  • Establish strong partnerships with local corporations and businesses that are focused on resource sharing, mentoring, identifying future needs and supporting skill development, and creating local employment opportunities for students.
  • Prepare a strategic communications and engagement plan that incorporates a strong message, protocols and communication tools.
  • Expand the role of the Oak Ridge Public Schools Education Foundation to support partnership integration and connectivity with corporate citizens.
  • Develop partnerships to strengthen and increase family engagement, connection, ownership and partnership.