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Cognia STEM Certification

Cognia STEM certification provides Oak Ridge Schools with clear goals, and visible accomplishments to demonstrate our commitment to quality STEM learning in our schools. As an organizational team, Cognia staff works with schools and systems of all types and sizes across the globe to clearly assess the quality of each institution and to help meet the needs of every student. Cognia provides an explicit set of standards and criteria for accreditation and certification. Meeting and exceeding those standards results in a valuable recognition of excellence.

Dr. Trevor Ivey, NBCT; Cognia Lead STEM Evaluator in Oak Ridge has made the following statement regarding this process with our schools:

Schools in Oak Ridge are among the first in Tennessee and the nation to go through a rigorous internal and external review process to maintain the prestigious Cognia STEM certification they first earned in the 2014-15 school year. Interviews with stakeholder groups, an evidence portfolio, student exhibitions and demonstrations, and short classroom observations provide a platform for each school to share its story, mission, and model in being committed to a process of continual improvement with its STEM strategic initiatives. Through a combination of this, the external evaluator was able to conclude that it continues to plan and execute meaningful STEM teaching & learning experiences that equip students with the necessary knowledge & skills to be thoughtful and engaged citizens prepared to take on the leadership challenges of the 21st century.

AdvancED STEM Certified

Every school in Oak Ridge received STEM certification through AdvancED, the precursor to Cognia.

Cognia STEM Certified

Every school in Oak Ridge has been re-certified in STEM by Cognia.

Congratulations all!