Healthy School Teams

The purpose of a healthy school team is to utilize faculty and staff in each school building who are considered experts in each component so that we are able to capture a more comprehensive look at the school.  After assessing the needs of their school, they will develop a plan to not only address weaknesses, but also highlight strengths in relation to the eight components of Coordinated School Health.

Who should be a member of a Healthy School Team?

  • Administrators
  • Physical Education Teachers
  • Health/Wellness Teachers
  • Counselors
  • School Nurse
  • School Resource Officers
  • Grade Level Teachers
  • Cafeteria Personnel
  • Parents
  • Students

The team completes a school evaluation through the Action for Health Kids Website.  To visit Action for Healthy Kids Online, please click here. The team sets goals and priorities for their school in the Eight Components of Coordinated School Health.

Components of Coordinated School Health

  • Health Education
  • Health Services
  • Nutrition
  • Physical Education
  • Healthy School Environment
  • School Counseling, Psychological, and Social Services
  • Student, Family, and Community Involvement
  • School Staff Wellness

If you would like to participate in the Healthy School Team, please contact your school Principal or Marcia Wade at

Healthy School Team Leaders

Glenwood Elementary – Travis Free

Linden Elementary – Josh Johnson & Roger Ward

Willow Brook Elementary – Mark Clary & Tisha Brown

Woodland Elementary – Katelynn Olvey

Jefferson Middle School – Mackenzie Taylor mptaylor@ortn,edu

Robertsville Middle School – Jamie Petrie & Lauren Hawkins

Oak Ridge High School – Sonya Minarik,

Oak Ridge Schools Preschool – Linda Dalton