Grade 7

Summer Reading – 7th Grade 2024 

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Grade 8

2024 Summer Reading Assignment

According to the Brookings Institution, most students lose 25-30% of their school-year learning over the summer. This is why we have a summer reading assignment! We are trying to keep your brains sharp and keep your reading, writing, and critical thinking skills sharp. It also allows us, as teachers, to assess where those skills are as you come into the school year and to tailor our teaching to your needs.

This summer you will read The Giver by Lois Lowery. We can lend you some old copies, or you may check out a copy at the Oak Ridge library. Used and new copies can usually be found at local and Knoxville bookstores. Additionally, a new paperback copy from Amazon is $7…Kindle and audio versions are also available. The chart and writing prompt will also be on the JMS website if you need it. You need to have the book read and the chart and essay completed by the first Friday of the school year.

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JMS Eighth Grade ELA

Oak Ridge High School

ORHS Summer Reading 2022