JMS Clubs/Activities/Sports 2022-2023

Specific times and locations for all activities are announced over the intercom prior to meetings. 

You may also talk to individual sponsors for further information.

Club/Activity/Sport Sponsor/Coach Grade Level Meeting Info.
Art Club Dodson 5,6,7,8
Athletic Director Bolling 6,7,8
Basketball-Boys Nicely 6,7,8
Basketball-Girls Bolling 6,7,8
Cheerleading Brewster 6,7,8
Chess Club Soliday 5,6,7,8
Cross Country-Boys J. Smith 6,7,8
Cross Country-Girls K. Wilson 6,7,8
Diversity Club Haun, Ferland, Goldberg 5,6,7,8
Football Ellison, Jessie, Murphy, & Mitchell 6,7,8
Fellowship of Christian Athletes Reed 5,6,7,8
Homework Help Huddleston 5,6,7,8
Interact Club TBD 7,8
Lego League Shanafield, Davis, Franco & Scott 5,6,7,8
AM Library Haverkamp 7 & 8
Math Club Tracey 6,7,8
Science Bowl Little & Roop 6,7,8
SECME Jaeger, Fairs, Kala 5,6,7,8  
Ski/Snowboard Club B. Smith, Scott 7,8
Student Council Brewster, Jen Mitchell, K. Wilson 5,6,7,8
Track Byas, Bolling, K . Wilson 6,7,8
Wilderness Connections Beard 7,8
YAC Brewer 5,6,7,8 1x per month
Youth for Christ Jaeger 5,6,7,8 F- 7:05-7:30 A.M. JPAC