Jefferson Middle School PTO

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2023-2024 PTO Board Members

President: Susanne Wren Click Here to Email

Vice President: Kayla Colwell   Click Here to Email

Secretary: Amanda Stelle  Click Here to Email

Treasurer: Eric Schmitt  Click Here to Email

What is the JMS PTO?

A non-profit organization consisting of parents and staff whose key mission is to support JMS students and teachers so that those students may grow through academic excellence and extracurricular experiences.

Who is the JMS PTO?

Every JMS parent or guardian can get involved! We are not a PTA so there is no fee to participate. T

When does the JMS PTO meet?

There are short online meetings once a month, in the mornings after drop-off at 7:45am. We would love to see you there! BUT, even if you cannot attend a meeting, you can still get involved!

Did you know that the JMS PTO…

 Supplies volunteers for two book fairs each year?

 Conducts an annual fundraiser called “Direct Drive”? This event has funded teacher classroom requests such as dissection frogs, clay and paint for art classes as well as CPR/AED training for JMS staff. In addition, money raised through this fundraiser makes an end of the year all-school party and 8th grade graduation luncheon possible.

 Collects Kleenex, Clorox wipes and hand sanitizer donations to stock classrooms and the school clinic?

 Has a Luncheon Committee which organizes five luncheons throughout the school year for the JMS staff? These luncheons are made possible through family donations. We need your help! All these events cannot happen without lots of parent volunteers! We know everyone is busy with work, kids and home life so any time you have to volunteer, even an hour here or there, will be sincerely appreciated.

Even if you cannot attend a meeting, consider working 1 hour at bookfair or volunteering to bring a dessert for a teacher luncheon – every little bit helps! Keep your eye out for PTO announcements. We’ll keep you up to date about upcoming PTO projects and volunteer opportunities in our PTO News section of the weekly JMS newsletter.