Mission Statement

Provide a challenging learning environment.

Vision Statement

Be an exemplary school that provides students the knowledge, skills, and character necessary to excel in education, work, and life.

Belief Statements

We believe:

  1. Every student is capable of learning.
  2. Our students must be accountable, responsible, and ethical.
  3. High standards and a rigorous curriculum challenge all students.
  4. Our school will be safe, orderly, and welcoming.
  5. Extracurricular activities contribute to student development.

About The School

Jefferson Middle School’s current location was opened in 1968 as Jefferson Junior High School.  Today, Jefferson Middle School serves the eastern portion of the city of Oak Ridge, TN.  Oak Ridge was built under a cloak of secrecy by the United States government during World War II as a major site of the Manhattan Project, the massive wartime effort that produced the world’s first atomic weapons.  In 1942, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers bought an estimated 60,000 acres of rural farm land to construct a “temporary” city and three facilities to develop technology that ended the war.  After the war, Oak Ridge transitioned from a “temporary” military town into an independent city and became self-governing in 1959 as residents voted overwhelmingly in favor of incorporation under a modified city manager-council form of government (oakridgetn.gov).

Jefferson Middle School receives students from both Woodland Elementary and Glenwood Elementary School. The enrollment at Jefferson Middle School is approximately 720 students, which includes twenty tuition students from Anderson, Knox and Roane counties. The average daily attendance is 96.16%.  The staff at Jefferson Middle School includes 58 professionals and 11 teaching assistants. Sixty-four percent of our teaching staff hold advanced degrees, and the average years of experience is 16.

In 2014, Oak Ridge Schools announced its plan to become the premier STEM school district in the nation, and since then Jefferson Middle School has been working fervently to make that a reality.  As a demonstration of teacher support for this system-wide initiative, JMS created a STEM Innovators team, who along with our STEM coaches, attended training led by a Discovery Education coach who provided individual mentoring and coaching in STEM instructional practices.  Jefferson Middle School was AdvancED STEM certified in 2017 and the Oak Ridge School District was AdvancED STEM certified in 2018.

Jefferson is working everyday to contribute to the ongoing need for students who are ready to enter the workforce familiar with STEM careers and requirements. Students interact with their teachers using Canvas for assignments, messages, group discussions, exit tickets, and they can review grades.  We share videos and stories about STEM professions and STEM contributors from throughout history on TVs positioned in accessible areas to the student body.  For the past five years, with the implementation of the balanced calendar, during fall and spring breaks, students attend enrichment events at school in STEM related fields such as coding and using 3D printers and pens.  JMS has participated in the Hour of Code to help promote coding as a possible career path. These school-wide activities promote STEM and help grow a student body knowledgeable about a multitude of STEM careers.

We believe that an effective STEM school motivates and cultivates an interest in STEM subjects.  The Lego League, Math Club, and SECME, are just a few of the extracurricular activities available to all students at JMS.  The science department has added an Environmental Club, and classes visit the Wetlands surrounding our building on a regular basis.  Our teachers write grants to procure STEM related materials such as mapping software, Makerspace kits, 3D pens and printers, iPads with math and ELA games, science equipment, remote learning platforms, and Breakout Boxes.

Our STEM coaches and PLC coaches provide teacher in-service opportunities to help teachers understand how to implement collaborative and meaningful lessons using the STEM tools and materials available to them.  Furthermore, our entire staff receives ongoing training in STEM.

JMS continues to send students to regional competitions in STEM fields and gives all students of every background a chance to succeed.  Finally, JMS earned a Blue Ribbon in 2007 for excellence.  We continue to grow and learn using STEM as a guide to helping achieve our mission.  This growth helped us to become a Reward School in 2019.