Dear families of Oak Ridge,
As you know from our recent communications regarding the creation of our Portrait of a Graduate, we wish to assure our community we value, support, and are committed to realizing the hopes and dreams of every Oak Ridge student. We have a collective vision that every student will receive the highest-quality education and graduate prepared for college, career and life success. With your continued support, we will increase clarity regarding our community values to ensure our youngest citizens are successful both now and in the future. In addition to the academic and career skills we know our students need to be successful, we continue to develop students’ interpersonal skills that are essential to working with and respecting all people. This includes effective communication and respectful collaboration, treating self and others with care. We recognize the critical importance of ensuring our students are self-aware, self-disciplined, and exhibit empathy. With these skills students will be prepared to engage in community issues, resolve conflicts, exhibit cultural competency, and act with kinship and respect to fellow members of our community.

Dr. Bruce Borchers
Oak Ridge Schools