• Create a ticket using https://support.ortn.edu or if you don’t have a working device (or cannot login), call 865-425-9039 and follow prompts
  • Technician will schedule a support time for call back
  • Technician will fix the device starting with voice commands
  • If needed, technician will start a Zoom session to gain remote access
  • If all remote support fails, technician will schedule student for drop-off of laptop and pickup of spare.

Drop-Off (All at Oak Ridge High School – TD Portable 3):

  • Must have a work order so that we can prep a spare machine
  • TD Tech will open a Work Order and collect
    • Username (and password)
    • Contact phone number
    • Brief description of issue
  • Drop off will be at TD portable 3.
  • Drop-off times will be from 9:30am-10:30am on Mondays and Thursdays, and 3:30-4:40, TBD
    • Students can pick-up a loaner device at this time (see pick-up section below).
    • No drop-offs outside of this time. *Unless a special circumstance requires an alternate drop off time scheduled with technology employee
  • Drive-thru lane setup for users to pull up and drop off device as quick as possible.
    • Maintain Social Distance of 6ft.
    • If you are sick, inform us immediately.
    • We will verify appointment info (only those scheduled).
    • User will keep their laptop case, adapter, line cord, stylus, or other accessories that are not needed for the repair.
    • Users will remain at curb.  They will NOT come to the doors or ramp at portables.
  • User may leave.


  • After dropping off laptop, user pulls forward to pick-up table.
  • Tech at Drop-off table will alert pick-up table.
  • User to verify login, apps, and OneDrive setup.
  • User may leave.

Cleaning and Repair (TD Staff):

  • Wipe down laptop
  • Bag laptop
    • Write date on bag
    • Attach contact info to bag
    • Place laptop on cart for delivery to quarantine area
  • Device will remain in quarantine for 5 days
  • After day 5 those devices will be brought to the Image room.
  • Cleaning and repair performed