Oak Ridge Schools are once again participating in the Tennessee Student and Parent School Climate Survey.  These surveys are sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Education as part of an initiative to enhance school support for students, increase school safety, and provide a positive learning environment for all students.  Monitoring student and parent perceptions of our school environment and documenting areas for improvement are an important part of ensuring that school environments are improving.  The hope is that this survey will become a valuable tool for improving the climate of all Oak Ridge Schools.

Students will receive a flyer this week further explaining the purpose and details of the student and parent surveys.  Only students in grades three thru twelve will participate in the School Culture Survey.  The information will also communicate the steps that a parent should take if you prefer your child not participate in this year’s Student Culture Survey.

In closing, we encourage all parents and students to participate in the School Culture Survey.  Each of our schools sincerely want to know what we are doing well and have the opportunity to target areas for improvement.  Neither students nor parents will be asked to provide a name, as both surveys are voluntary and anonymous.

Instructions for taking the survey are available in this quick video tutorial.

Link to Survey: