Monday, August 8, 2022

Oak Ridge High School Daily Bulletin




Today is the first day of OR for Juniors and Seniors – Freshmen and Sophomores your first day is tomorrow and the days will alternate for the rest of the school year.  When the announcement is made to leave your class, you will have 14 minutes to get your lunch and report to the Amphitheatre where you will sign in with your badge and begin work.  If you are late you will be assigned one day of lunch detention.  If you skip, you will be assigned two days of lunch detention.  You will be required to stay in the Amphitheatre for the full block so make sure you bring additional work to do in case you finish your missing work early.  Remember, if you complete your assignments on time this will NEVER apply to you! (M) – D. Kolodney


St. Mary’s is offering lunch today 8/8 and next Monday 8/15  for students who have open campus lunch.  (M) – T. Seals


Students who drive to school will need to have a 2022-23 car tag.  Last year’s tags will not work.  Please come by Student Services and pick up the application to get your free parking tag by Wednesday August 10. (M,W,F) – V.Viruet


Masquers’ Improv will meet at 3:15 TODAY, August 8th in the upper lobby of the Performing Arts Center Auditorium. If you are interested in exploring or growing your acting skills join the Masquers’ Improv Coach as he works with students on Improv skills. The Atomic Acts Improv Team will perform on Oct 1st at the Secret City Improv Festival and on December 9th for Cheap Date Night here at ORHS. (M) – T. Lloyd




Interested in Christianity?  Come to an informational meeting this Thursday, August 11th at 3:15.  Meeting will be in LC 215, Mr. Moreno’s room. (Tu) – V. Moreno


GSTA will hold it’s first meeting in the library TODAY, 8/8, after school till 4 pm. Please come to see  old friends, make some new ones, and help decide what day will be best for meeting. Bring a friend! (M) – C. Milloway


Attention Health Science students (past students, current students, or spring semester students): Registration for HOSA’s 2022-23 school year is open. Please bring $50 (cash or check) to Mrs. Minarik or Mrs. Pointer by August 31. Do not delay! You don’t want to miss joining this club exclusive to health science students! (M-F ADs 8.31) – S. Minarik