Dear Parent(s),

Our school district is working to improve conditions for learning in our schools. Students will learn more effectively in a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment. We would very much appreciate your help by completing the attached short survey. Your perceptions about your child’s school will help us identify what we are doing well, and what we need to do better.

If you have more than one child in this school, you may pick which one you want to think about when answering the questions.  This survey is anonymous.  No one will know which answers come from you, and it will not be possible to connect your answers to your child in any way.

The parent survey link for Oak Ridge High School can be found here:  If you have questions about completing this survey, please contact Kimberly Daubenspeck at 615-532-0469 or


Thank you for your help!!

Kimberly Daubenspeck

(615) 532-0469