What is AVID?

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination) is a nonprofit organization that focuses on serving students in the academic middle who need academic, social, and emotional support to be college and career ready. According to AVID’s website, “AVID is not ‘one more thing to do’—our work with schools aligns with their goals to accelerate and enhance the work that is already happening.”

Who is the typical AVID student?

A typical AVID student is a first generation college student or a student who is underrepresented on college campuses. AVID students are capable of honors work as long as they have support. A student who is capable of honors work without AVID is not a typical AVID student, nor is a student who is not academically ready for honors work without support.

How are AVID students selected?

Members of the site team provide orientation to eighth grade students, families, and teachers in the fall semester to explain the AVID program and the requirements. Interested students must complete a written application, request teacher recommendations and participate in an in-person interview.

What does an AVID student’s schedule look like?

AVID students are enrolled in a four-year elective class where they learn study and organizational skills, goal-setting and other college preparatory strategies. ORHS currently has three cohorts (AVID 9, 10, 11) and five elective periods. Students also have tutorials focused on in-depth questioning twice a week with AVID tutors.


Tony Jolly, District Director
Kayla Gass, Site Coordinator
Heidi Foster, Counselor
Elisabeth Denisar, Elective Teacher Class of 2021
Sara Gilliland, Elective Teacher Class of 2022
Chad Hodge, Elective Teacher Class of 2023
Jonathan Schoolcraft, Elective Teacher Class of 2023
Elizabeth Barry, Elective Teacher Class of 2024
Keith Jackson, Elective Teacher Class of 2024
Deanna Pickel
Amber Roberts
Deni Sobek