Attendance during exam week is just like any other week at Oak Ridge High School.  Students are expected to be in classes if they are on campus.

If you have a class for which there is no final exam, you must check out of school through the attendance office as an excused absence for that period.  If you need to return later in the day for an exam, you must check back in through the attendance office.

If you don’t have an exam for your first exam period on a particular day, you can wait to check into school at the beginning of your first scheduled exam.

If you are finished with all of your exams for a particular day before the regular dismissal time, you may check out for the remainder of the day.

Parent notes are required for checkout.  No phone calls for checkout will be allowed.

Closed campus lunch for freshmen and sophomores is still in effect during finals.


June 2 – June 6:         Final Exam Days for Underclassmen

Friday   –  June 2, 2017        

1st  period exam  –       8:30  –  10:00

2nd period exam  –     10:15  –  11:45

 LUNCH               –      11:45  –  12:45

3rd  period exam  –       1:00  –    2:30


Monday – June 5, 2017

4th  period exam  –       8:30  –  10:00

6th  period exam  –     10:15  –  11:45

 LUNCH               –      11:45  –  12:45

7th  period exam  –       1:00  –    2:30


Tuesday, June 6, 2016

8th  period exam  –       8:30  –  10:00