Counseling Center

The counseling program at Robertsville Middle School is designed to promote the career, academic, and personal/social growth of all of our students through individual and small group counseling.  The goal of the counseling office is to provide RMS students with the knowledge and the life skills to be successful in school and to build positive relationships with their peers.  School counselors are available to help students with a variety of issues they may face including study skills, relationships, organization, time management, peer conflicts, grief, and stress.  Additionally, RMS has adopted a school-wide focus on a set of life skills.  These principles for living guide the personal and social behaviors within our school community and enable our students to achieve their personal best.  Be sure to ask your child about the life skill of the week!  We look forward to getting to know and assisting you and your students as best as we can.

Reasons for parents to contact the counselor include school orientation or registration, concerns over student achievement, family health problems, discussing special needs of a student, family difficulties or concerns, or early discussion of a potential crisis.

Students can see a counselor by stopping by the Counseling Center and making an appointment, the request of a counselor, teacher or administrator referral, or referral by friends.

  • Kristy Best – School Counselor (Grades 5 and 7)
  • Tarah Sanford – School Counselor (Grades 6 and 8)
  • Tanya Brown – Secretary and Registrar
  • Becky Childs–Attendance

New Student Registration

Please click on the link to register a new student at RMS: 2023-2024 New Student Registration.

Request to See a School Counselor

Parents and students can use this link to schedule an appointment with a school counselor.
Click here to access the form to request to see a School Counselor Form.

If you are filling out the “I Need to See a Counselor Form” outside of school hours (between 3:00pm-7:30am M-F) on school days OR during the weekend and need immediate support, please contact one of the following resources.  Please contact your child’s school counselor to update with any important information if one was contacted.

  • Mobile Crisis/Youth Villages: 866-779-9225
  • Ridgeview Behavioral Health in Oak Ridge: 482-1076
  • Statewide Crisis Text line: Text TN to 741741
  • National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-TALK or 1-800-273-8255

Virtual Calming Space

Please check out our Virtual Counseling Center, an area where you can learn more about positive coping skills for managing stress and living your best life. You can listen to music, draw and create, exercise, practice mindfulness, and work puzzles, plus there are some great resources to help you learn more about how to better care for yourself. We hope it’s helpful to you!

Link for students (when using school device):
Link for parents or students (when using a device other than your school device):