Robertsville Middle School Vision Statement

To be a great school

Mission Statement

Every child will be successful

Belief Statement

  1. We believe all students can grow academically.
  2. We believe in a safe and secure learning environment.
  3. We believe that our school culture is built on respect.
  4. We believe in teacher collaboration in conjunction with community resources to provide students support.

The Campus

Robertsville Middle School is located in the area of the Robertsville community which was settled in 1804 by Collins Roberts, who had received a 4,000 acre land grant in the region. Numerous schools have existed on the present-day campus of Robertsville Middle School. The original Robertsville community was dispersed in 1942 when the land was acquired by the federal government for the Manhattan Project. The gymnasium of the old Robertsville High School, acquired in 1942, remains in use today as the Robertsville Middle School auditorium.

The major portion of the present building was constructed in 1954 and opened in September, 1954, as Robertsville Junior High School. A major renovation was completed in 1986, and a building program in 1994-95 added a gymnasium complex, fifteen new classrooms, an elevator, additional restrooms, and new teacher work areas. Grade reorganization occurred at that time, and Robertsville Middle School was opened in the fall of 1995, with a student body comprised of students in grades five, six, seven, and eight.


As of August, 2016, a total of 725 students were enrolled at Robertsville Middle School.

Robertsville Middle School serves the western portion of the city of Oak Ridge and receives students from both Willow Brook and Linden Elementary Schools. Students residing in the eastern section of Oak Ridge may apply for a cross-boundary transfer which must be approved by the principal. Students from outside the city may apply for admission on a tuition basis.

Student Performance

Students at Robertsville Middle School have traditionally demonstrated strong performance on standardized assessments. The test data for the past three years indicates that RMS students are consistently performing between one and two grade levels above the state average in all subjects on achievement measures. Examination of the average value-added scores for all subjects measured by the state assessments likewise indicates that RMS students at each grade level are usually gaining either at or above the state and national means for most academic disciplines. One hundred percent of the 8th graders who took the Gateway test for Algebra I passed that exam, a requirement for high school graduation.  Low retention rates, positive testing results, high attendance records, and low suspension rates have all combined to help make Robertsville Middle School one of the most highly regarded schools in Tennessee.