Monday, November 20, 2023

Oak Ridge High School Daily Bulletin




Freshmen:  Before Thanksgiving Break, please stop by the hallway outside of the yearbook room, CS328, and check your name and photo for accuracy for the yearbook. After Thanksgiving Break, the name and picture will be set in stone. If you have an approved preferred name in Skyward, check to make sure this is correct. At this time, we cannot print preferred names that have not been approved in Skyward unless we have contact with your parents or guardians and their express permission. All changes must be confirmed with Ms. Hale by the start of Thanksgiving Break. Thank you!  R. Hale

HOSA is starting up “Combing Through November,” a fundraiser with East Tennessee Children’s Hospital where you can donate new combs and hairbrushes for the patients that don’t have them. Deliver the combs either to the HOSA members in the Arena every day during 3A or come find Ms. Minarik in CS200.  S. Minarik


With the temperature dropping, there has been an increase in the wearing of pajama pants and blankets being brought to school.  Please remember that pajama pants are not a part of the dress code and blankets should not be brought to school. D. Hawkins






11/20/23 M Bowling Powell – Boys Home 4:00
11/21/23 Tu Bowling L & N Stem Home 4:00
11/21/23 Tu-Sa Bsktb BV Bahamas Thanksgiving Classic Away TBA
11/27/23 M Bowling Webb Away 4:00
11/28/23 Tu Bowling Powell – Boys Home 4:00
11/29/23 W Bsk-Fr HVA Away 7:30
11/30/23 Th Bowling Carter – Girls Home 4:00
12/02/23 Sa Bsk-Fr Karns  /  West A at Halls 12:00
12/02/23 Sa Bsk-Fr West A at Halls 2:00