We have an exciting week ahead at RMS! Please note that there is no school tomorrow, Monday, February 19th to allow teachers and staff the opportunity for a Professional Development Day.

Thank you for the extraordinary effort taking place to improve our school attendance this year. It is showing and we are making remarkable progress. The next several months will be important to finish strong. Students will be working hard to finish this term’s learning targets and meet their goals for growth over the next few weeks as we get closer to Term 3 MVP Benchmark Assessments. While our pacing for this term might be a little bit off due to the snow days earlier this term, we are looking forward to measuring student progress and making plans for Term 4 to ensure students are mastering grade level expectations this school year.

There are some exciting events taking place at RMS this week to include an assembly on the Scarboro 85 for our 7th & 8th Grade Classes. It is coincidental but fitting that this assembly is planned after the TN Board of Education voted as recently as last week to ensure that the Scarboro 85 are part of the Social Studies Curriculum Standards in the future. Be sure to check out some of the resources in our newsletter below to learn more about this week’s assembly as well as the Scarboro 85.

This week also brings the Vape Prevention Week at RMS. Students will have a brief assembly as well as the opportunity to participate in a fair to learn about the dangers of vaping. A huge shoutout to ORS Coordinated School Health and Student Success Departments for coordinating this event!

We ask that you please note Dr. Kinder’s special request for photos of your families enjoying this year’s “snow break” for our yearbook! We are getting closer to finalizing the 2023-2024 Annual… place your orders asap if you haven’t already!

Finally, please consider giving us feedback in the Educational Effectiveness Survey provided below. We want to hear from you and use your feedback to ensure we are continuously improving to better reach our students’ and families’ needs.

As always, please reach out if there is anything we can do to better support our students and families. Have a great evening and a wonderful week!

-Nick Corrigan, Principal, njcorrigan@ortn.edu

-Christy Free, Vice Principal, ccfree@ortn.edu

-Christopher Williams, Dean of Students, cewilliams@ortn.edu