Thank you for a short but amazing two days last week. While it may have been short, students jumped right back into this term’s learning objectives. We are excited about the week ahead and eager to continue on the path to excellence with our students and school community. We’ve heard from students, teachers, parents, and our entire community that getting back to a “normal” routine is something we all look forward to.

We thanked staff for being amazing in the staff edition of our newsletter this week and wanted to take a moment to thank you as well. It seems the past few weeks have exemplified our core value of teamwork at every turn or change of plans that came our way. Our PTSA Board, parent volunteers, and community supporters have been such an incredible support in the month of January and we are incredibly thankful to have the opportunity to teach and spend time with your children each day.

As we enter a full 5 day week ahead, we offer a few reminders to keep things running smoothly:

  • Family Life Curriculum Program will take place this week in PE class. Information has been provided in the last several newsletters, but we encourage you to review below if you haven’t already.
  • The Lady Rams have advanced to the next round of the Sectional Tournament and play their next game on Tuesday evening at 6:00pm at Norris Middle School.
  • We need your help to decrease students being tardy to school in the morning!
  • Morning Arrival / Drop Off – Please avoid the front bus circle when buses are present. This allows buses to drop off students safely. Buses are typically finished dropping off by 7:10am every morning. The back gym entrance opens to car riders at 7:00am. We encourage all students to be dropped off at either the back gym entrance or front entrance by 7:30am every day to allow students time to get to class by 7:40am.
  • Afternoon Dismissal – Car riders are dismissed to the gym at the end of the day. If you are picking up a student, please utilize the car rider line at the back of the school and avoid the front loop. The front loop is utilized for buses and is closed for car riders in the afternoon to allow for the safe dismissal of students walking or biking home.

As always, please reach out if there is anything we can do to better support our students and families.

Have a great evening!

-Nick Corrigan, Principal,

-Christy Free, Vice Principal,

-Christopher Williams, Dean of Students,