The purpose of the Oak Ridge Schools’ Preschool program is to provide early intervention for children who are considered at risk for learning and to enable families to be active partners in the educational process of their child(ren). Based on the belief that all children are ready to learn from the time of birth, our program strives to provide opportunities for children that will allow them to enter kindergarten with the background knowledge and skills necessary for continued active participation in learning. The program meets the highest performance standards of each of the sponsoring/funding agencies and all students have access to family services, health and dental assistance, behavioral and mental health services.

In order to maximize support and educational opportunities for children and families, we need the help of the community. There are many ways you can be a part of the Preschool program. Currently, we have volunteers who come to work in various capacities.

Several programs are in place that require the use of volunteers. We are always seeking volunteers who will join us in providing extra opportunities for our children. See below for opportunities to assist.



The Preschool has a beautiful, brand new library for young learners. Unfortunately, we do not have a librarian. In the past we had a volunteer who assisted in keeping books shelved and orderly. That is no longer true. We need a volunteer in the library who can come once a week to help us out.

Reading Buddies

To promote the desire and love for books and reading, volunteers are needed to read to individual children on a consistent schedule. The reading takes no more than 15-20 minutes and makes a huge impact on young children. Having an adult spend focused time with a child is so critical in developing that love for reading.

Building Grounds

Our Preschool teachers use the grounds, flowerbeds, and the areas around the preschool for many science lessons. Observations of plant growth, animal life and habitats, and changes in the weather are a part of teachers everyday lessons, but it takes time to maintain these areas for education. Help in this area would greatly enhance the curriculum in not only science, but all areas of development.


Educational programming for preschool children has some rather unique requirements, including such items as detergent (washing mat covers & soiled clothing), wipes, diapers and pull-ups, colored floor tape for bus lines, bus and car rider tags, and tooth brushes/toothpaste. There is always a need for new clothing articles used for kid emergencies – tennis shoes (8-11), sweats (3T-4T). The Preschool is appreciative of any and all monetary donations, either to a classroom or to the school in general.